Started as a FAT sister label, with an eccentric bent and experimentally “too intellectual” with its heads out the window. Above all, a raw cut and clever yet boozy funk understanding from Metaboman the platform was, always MK, but a shared stylistic closeness through Robag Wruhme. In the present as an emancipated partner alongside FAT on the same level.

Here comes about the stuff which is a bit club dweller-ish outsider: functional, experiment, melodic lone purloiner, slicked up snarky paired with a jazzy panorama and frivolic understanding of song hand in hand.

As special tid-bits come to light next to Metaboman along with Krause Duo and Robag Wruhme and other sonic artists like Ian Simmonds, Schleck und Stecker, Portable, Someone Else on Musikkrause the shine of the speaker boxes.

With a wide awake view to the future, the right mélange of tradition, down-to-earth instincts and the adventurist appetite bend the parameters in the direction of…wrong-headed sympathetic humanity in a paradise of electronic music brought to tears, scrumptious, freak-out and fleshly depth.

There is also the exception without the cemented delusions of grandeur…how does the German sitcom main character Stromberg put it: “If you allow the butter to be taken from the bread, then eventually you won’t even have the bread!”

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          Feindrehstar – Vulgarian Knights 2×12″


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