Headline was founded in 1986 with a single promise at its heart: to publish the books people want to read. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are best.

Headline has spent over three decades creating books people want to read and our passion for the commercial means we are home to some of the UK’s biggest-selling authors and continue to invest in new talent with bestseller potential.

Our nimble attitude towards the social reading era has allowed us to be playful with format as never before and create digital bestsellers. Our spirit of entertainment thrives in a world where direct communication means we can talk to readers, booksellers and reviewers to show and spread our love for books, at the touch of a button.

Headline will always represent a modern mindset and an energetic outlook. And always stand for best-in-class publishing.

Headline Fiction understands readers, what drives them to buy and read books and where and how they read them. We publish the novels people really want to read; the books that keep them reading into the early hours, with worlds people want to escape to and with characters they can relate to.

The Headline imprint is a highly commercial entertainment house; here we publish authors both genre defining and genre defying – both long-standing brands and exciting new talent. The category bestsellers on Headline’s list transport, entertain and make readers feel – they consistently satisfy the ebook addict and have instant appeal to the casual supermarket shopper.

Headline Review is Headline’s quality sister imprint for the lover of commercial reading group fiction. Headline Review’s storytellers have a softer touch and will transport you to another time or place and make you feel differently about the world; these are the books that make you feel and also make you think.

Eternal is Headline’s romance imprint, a list within which any romance fan will be sure to find their heart’s desire. Eternal has made its name publishing a mix of New York Times bestsellers and exciting new talent across historical, paranormal, suspense, contemporary, erotic and new adult romance.

Tinder Press launched in 2013 as Headline’s literary imprint, a place where classy, intelligent and accessible writing could thrive. Our authors are at the heart of everything we do, and our aim is to nurture their writing and their profile, and to build careers that will endure.

Wildfire publishes a broad range of quality commercial fiction and non-fiction. The fiction list comprises everything from must-read crime and thriller novels, to big-scale historical fiction, and imaginative concept-led narratives. On the non-fiction front, Wildfire publishes books which have a strong purpose and which cover a range of subjects, whether important historical eras and figures, or key social issues, or just very funny observations. Wildfire’s overriding ambition is to publish compelling and thought-provoking books, books you will want to talk about endlessly with your friends, books that have a little bit of soul.

The Headline Non-Fiction list has a highly commercial focus and publishes across a range of genres including memoir, sport, humour, celebrity, music, online influencers, autobiography and TV tie-ins. Books with a clear hook that make you take notice from the first page – books that make you laugh, teach you something new, surprise you, or take you on a rollercoaster ride through someone else’s life. Our authors have drive, passion, energy and international appeal and are prepared to stand up and shout about how wonderful their books are, either from an existing platform or one we’ve built together.

Encompassing the genres of food and cookery, health and wellbeing, parenting, popular psychology and a little bit of mindfulness, Headline Home publishes books that guide and advise – offering practical solutions for everyday life. Books that readers will learn from, cook from, take advice from and authors that will offer a helping hand, a nod in the right direction and much-needed advice to help us all to live the best possible lives we can in this fast-paced, modern world. In short, books which speak to real people about real issues.


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        Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (2006): The History of the Disc Jockey


        To celebrate 100 years of DJing, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton have expanded and updated their classic account of the history of the disc jockey.