Feel Fly – Mediterranean Dreams – Part 2


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Ambient, Balearic, House, Nu Disco

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With the two-part EP Mediterranean Dreams, Perugia producer and composer Feel Fly revisits his musical roots and pays tribute to the sounds and ‘sun-kissed nostalgia’ that informed his style.

Mediterranean Dreams Part 1 collected four tracks, and added that Feel Fly touch of emotive chord progressions and layered production onto cosmic disco grooves to powerful dancefloor effect. Now with Mediterranean Dream Part 2, Feel Fly switches the tempo both up and down, to fully demonstrate his affinity for club moments of all shapes and sizes.

Nebula flies out the gate with full intent, recalling classic Detroit techno while pushing the vibe even more wide-screen – it’s driving, melodic dance music that delivers on the fine details as much as it does on the life-affirming, big picture sentiment.

Optical Bells opens in meditative style, not unlike a new dawn in a Tibetan monastery, before each element of the track slowly reveals itself and assumes its place. It’s an arrangement technique that Feel Fly employs masterfully, and gives the impression of a camera lens moving into focus, or a storyteller setting the scene. The revolving chord changes pull you in and while whisking you away, you’re compelled to engage with the moment – like being asked to dance by a mysterious stranger.

The B side kicks off with Luce Eterna Ai Sognatori, still keeping the tempo high while cherry-picking disco house drum patterns and piano synths with a slight Italo flavor to create an irresistible slice of dancefloor dessert. This is a soundtrack for Sognatori, in whose dreams anything is possible.

The EP finishes up with a superb cut of echoey balearic dub in the form of Templum Dub. Putting the drums through its mixing desk paces, Feel Fly reanimates the drum kit with delays, phasers and flangers, and wraps it up in hazy drifting pads that could accompany any moment of contemplation – from that morning espresso to a midnight phone call.

Mediterranean Dreams Part 2 acts as the perfect compliment to its prequel Part 1, and shows a producer at the height of his powers, reimagining his musical roots and composing a love letter to the sounds and stories of his youth.

Founded and run by Mark Barrott in Punta del Este, Uruguay, International Feel provides deluxe electronica sounds and exquisite balearic vibes.

The label relocated to Ibiza in 2012. Since 2021 the label has been taken over by Gerd Janson's label group and is now managed by Matthew Styles

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