!K7 Records was formed by Stud!o K7 as a label for their audio releases. Their previous label was just branded !K7.
Their logo is “!K7®”. The ® can be misread as a registered trademark, but it is a stylized abbreviation of “Records”.

!K7 Records was started in 1996 as a techno, House & massive Breaks label from Berlin, Germany. Founded in tandem to the already successful “DJ-Kicks” mix compilation series, the label was launched to establish a long-term platform for artistic and musical innovation. Early releases from cutting edge producers like Nicolette, K-Hand, Nick Holder and Terrence Parker were released to critical acclaim.

In addition to their own releases they also started a label cooperation with G-Stone Recordings, the label of Kruder & Dorfmeister, which became a very fruitful partnership. Teamed up with !K7, releases from Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca and Peace Orchestra became some of the most highly regarded (and successful) electronic releases ever.

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          Marcel Dettmann – DJ-Kicks 1×12″


          Direct recording from a turntable
          All vinyls are washed

          Cinthie – DJ-Kicks 2×12″