Innervisions is an electronic music label. It was founded by Steffen Berkhahn, aka Dixon, and Kristian Rädle and Frank Wiedemann of Âme, in 2005. Together they form Innervisions’ unique audio-visual universe. With Berlin as its home, Innervisions evolves from within the city and evokes impressions from all over the world with its releases. Yet Innervisions‘ name reflects something more personal. It reflects the intuitive push toward certain ideas. The name was chosen out of the belief that all art forms, not just music, are a materialized sphere of ideas. The encounter with such a materialized sphere of ideas in a book, an exhibition or a track triggers certain sensations and sensibilities. Following on from this, an inner vision not only allows sensations and sensibilities to evolve inside one’s mind. It keeps on spinning from there to generate new ideas.

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            David August ‎- Epikur EP


            Light scratches not affecting sound
            Direct recording from a turntable
            All vinyls are washed

            Âme – Rej EP