Vesnu has been creating spaces of freedom for the Slovak queer community in Bratislava for over 10 years now. He’s the mother of the legendary Tepláreň party, which later transformed into the iconic queer-friendly bar.

Passionately organized club nights have become a staple on the Slovak dance scene, with queer parties such as Homomat and Shame, to name a few. As a DJ, he found his home ground in these events. Vesnu is a digital shaman who yearns for people to meet their true selves on the dance floor, as well as meeting each other.

With his hypnotic beats he overcomes distances, and his playful sets with unexpected twists remind us that everything is here and now. He likes to venture from techno to house, and even to disco. He enjoys both the ecstasy of the night and the morning tenderness.

Audiences in most of the domestic clubs have been entertained to the fullest, but Vesnu has performed at festivals such as Grape in Slovakia, Sziget in Hungary, and Rote Dichte in Germany too. He also had the chance to play several sets for the Berliner Betriebsfeier party or the Berliner release of Daddy Issues. He also played at Homostash in London and in the club Bukanýr in Prague.


70’s Disco, Old School House, House, Techno