Excedo Records was born in the heart of Italy in 2007 from an idea of Luca Ciotoli & Stefano De Magistris, both part of Souldynamic.

It’s a deep house oriented records label and parties organizations with one single mission: “spread the house music word”. “Excedo”, from the Latin language, means go ahead, move forward, adapt yourself to the world of nowadays, that’s why the symbol of the label is a Chameleon, which keep its form but also changes his colour adapting to the nature.

The team is also involved in organizing parties with the “Excedo Experience”. We make it happen in clubs during the winter at Officine Utopia and on the beach for the summer to the beautiful “Riviera di Ulisse” coast in collaboration with Ribbon Club.
With its caracteristic dressing made of chameleons and green colours the “Experience” quickly became a monthly appointment for clubbers in the heart of Italy.

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            Souldynamic – Cosmic Trails EP


            Direct recording from a turntable
            All vinyls are washed