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Dub Techno, Minimal House, Minimal Techno

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Oana delivers the third vinyl-only instalment to arrive from the Romanian record label feeder sound. Oana is well-known for her vibrant selections and productions, as well as for running Ariki Records. Titled “Transmisiune Intergalactică”, the 12’’ packs three solid minimalistic tracks designed with deep and futuristic rhythms and textures, ready to take you on a journey into inner and outer space!

With previous two releases signed by local artists Dragutesku and Piktor, feeder sound stands out as an essential platform that connects to an international community focused on modern electronic music and art, alternative news, multimedia and events for about 16 years. The collaboration with Oana follows the feeder sound live-streaming event series that took place last year, where she unleashed magical and engaging sounds in one of the episodes of the transmissions alongside visual artist Livi Po, who performed a live-painting session. Livi Po’s artwork is now featured as the artwork for feeder sound’s third vinyl release.

Side A is reserved for the title track “Transmisiune Intergalactică”, an immersive composition that goes past the 10 minutes mark, revealing a steady-paced drumming sequence smoothly blended with vast, ever-evolving background atmospheres and spiralling psychedelic effects. Make sure you tune in to those kinds of frequencies!

On Side B, first there’s “Conexiuni Astrale”, a hypnotic piece that focuses on its percussive elements and strong bassline, offering a twisted sound with numerous variations and build-ups. Subtle breakbeat and acidic influences are felt throughout, as the bleeping synth patterns and heavily modulated vocal cuts evoke an otherworldly dimension. Closing the wax, “Holograma” switches the tempo and drops an uplifting rhythm infused with funky arrangements and a sublime universe of electric micropatterns that will definitely make you shake your body and dance ecstatically!

The launch of feeder sound in January 2019 marks a significant achievement for the feeder.ro publishing platform, which connects the local and international artists with an insightful audience, started in 2004.

Stemming from the same passion for electronic music that created the weekly feeder sound series, the EP/LP reviews column, as well as the possibility for renowned or emerging artists to contribute to the platform on their own, the FSRO001 release by Dragutesku celebrates almost three years of collaboration with deejay.de.

The label's second vinyl-only release is produced by Piktor, titled Similar Feelings. FSRO003 introduces three tracks by a remarkable artist, Oana (6), taking the form of an EP titled Transmisiune Intergalactică.

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